I’ve gotten some questions about how this blog works, so I thought I’d write a short post about those questions.

You can write a post and save it as a “draft” so it won’t appear yet; WordPress will save it so you can edit it later. Later, when you are happy with the post, you can “Publish” it. Then it will appear at the top of the posts on the main/front page (until the next person posts).

WordPress logo

You can select “Categories” from the sidebar when writing a post. Those will help visitors find all posts in a given category: once a post has been published with a given category, a link for that category will appear on the sidebar.

Remember that this is now a public blog. Everything you write is viewable by anyone on the web (unless their parents or company installed a filter).

Lastly, WordPress.com has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that is searchable. That’s probably a good place to start if you have a question.