Space Riggers logo (by FF)

‘Space Riggers’


‘Space Riggers’ is a group that is to provide a starter outfitting service to organisations that would like a dedicated meeting/office space in the central building on CoLab HQ.

The aims of the group are to provide technical equipment such as presentation screens, meeting and conference style furniture, and to texture (decorate) the rooms according to what is desired by the individual organisations.

To do this the group has worked together to create an exhibit of different floor and wall textures, different furniture that is available, and to try and show the versatility of Second Life by customising a room which has become the Space Riggers temporary base in HQ (room 4).

In the Space Riggers room a balcony area has been added to show how extra space can be created if needed, on display are the Space Rigger diaries which are updated by individual group members and available for the public to read, and various other objects are also on display to show some of the functionality that can be incorporated into Second Life.

The Space Riggers group tries to incorporate and encourage donations that consist of open source scripting or building to add to the ‘toolbox’ that is being collated to provide to organisations.

This blog will be used to document the progress of Space Riggers, such as what the group has achieved so far since it’s inception on January 12th 2007, what group members are currently working towards, and ideas put forth by group members and the public.

Groups members include (Second Life avatar names): Camden Mitchell, Paradox Olbers, Farquhar Freeloader, Charles Berlin, Ariel Miranda, Prng Falgstaff, Ing Link, Sine Arrow, Smit Pomeray. Please feel free to comment here or contact us in Second Life.

So far:

12th January

  • Paradox Olbers created an SL group for the ‘outfitting’ task.
  • Group Name: “Space Riggers”
  • Members: Camden Mitchell, Farquhar Freeloader, Paradox Olbers , Ariel Miranda, Ing Link, Prng Flagstaff, Sine Arrow, Charles Berlin, Smit Pomery.
  • Camden: DaVinci invited into Space Rigger group to set building permissions for editing.
  • Camden: created wall & floor texture ‘vendor style’ display boards.

19th January

  • Prng: created a ‘drop box’ where items (chairs etc) can be donated by other SL residents, from which we can sort through. All these items will be available for outfitting the rooms.
  • Prng: made a “Wishing Well” in the form of a floating silver bowl for prospective clients to leave requests for furniture, textures, etc.
  • Camden: started meeting/conference table designs.
  • Camden: created equipment/furniture display board which can be added to by other group members’ snapshots.
  • Camden: Rigger Online Status Indicator list in reception area showing which members of our group are online and available for contact re: ideas, questions etc.
  • All members: Collection of furniture, displays starting to be laid out.
  • Paradox: working on enlisting help for ISS project, sub group of Space Riggers.
  • Paradox & Charles: working on displays (NASA website information pages) for around HQ.
  • Farquhar: designed Space Rigger logo.

26th January

  • Paradox: planned CoLab HQ Orientation.
  • Farquhar: created ‘Rig Logger Diaries’. Personalised diaries which pass out a single notecard apprising of rigger activity.
  • Ariel: set up Rig Logger Diaries for group members.
  • Prng: designed and placed room numbers on all meeting rooms and all accesses to the central hub (Room 1). Used a ROYGBIV color schema.
  • Prng: re-organised Space Rigger room making it neat and ordered.
  • Prng: provided room numbers for each room and hub entrances in HQ.
  • Farquhar: set up a bulletin board, currently used for Riggers to display notes to each other.
  • Charles Berlin: designed and built the walkways connecting HQ through to each meeting platform on top of the mountains. Also added ‘wildlife’ and information boards on each species.
  • Charles Berlin: designed and built the large meeting place on the largest mountain. Incorporated Farquhar’s idea on balconies overlooking the CoLab Testbed area.

2nd February

In Progress:

  • Display several example meeting room styles, using picture boards, as a basic idea for companies to then tell us what they want.
  • Create a ‘Wish List’ notecard that people can access for ideas of donations. Also create a poster style list for easy viewing.
  • DaVinci: set permissions on editing the room. Also set perms so Riggers can texture ‘ice rink’ corridors.
  • Prng: dim room number lights so they don’t affecting the display boards on the walls. Change the light to ‘white’ rather than colored.
  • Paradox: contact Dedric to discuss donation of office equipment in exchange for advertisment at HQ
  • Paradox: contact Elliott with regards to tech equipment.
  • Paradox: contact DaVinci with regards to permissions on HQ for texturing corridors & hub.
  • Ariel: stock canals with fish, corals, aquatic plants etc.
  • Ariel: work on ‘window switches’.
  • Camden: Create floating text names as oppose to table ‘name places’. Perhaps seperate lines for rl name, organisation, and country.
  • Camden: Create main page blog at
  • Need someone to: create visitor badges for HQ. Gimick ones will aid advertising for HQ
  • Dragonfire Kelly: provide images of NASA badges to provide to NASA personel at HQ to help identify them to visitors.
  • All Riggers: -Concentrate drive (and donation drive) on planning meeting room/conference style furniture.-Ideas/designs for meeting areas on mountain tops, Ames building (Farquhar thought of having a balcony overlooking testbed & TP discs), path to Elon between mountains & Ames building, beaches and docks.

Ideas (to be added to):

  • Create map of building showing where rooms are located. Directional arrows around building perhaps? Also a HUD version showing where avatar is walking in comparison to the building.
  • Have a voice/touch controlled room for changing wall/floor/ceiling colour.
  • Vendor style placards for choosing textures (demo wallpaper texture chooser has been set up in the room as an example).