Space Rigger’s Update Status & Meeting Minutes:

8th February

Present: Camden Mitchell, Paradox Olbers, Prng Flagstaff, Ariel Miranda, Rocket Sellers

  • Prng: changed the room numers light to ‘white’.
  • Camden: edited the floor texture in room Main 6 of HQ to a blue checquerd carpet texture.
  • Elliott: positioned on of the skypods
  • Elliott: donated the scripted for the presentation cude
  • Paradox: contacted Dedric re: tech eeuipment, waiting on reply.
  • Camden/Paradox: Contacted DaVinci about he HQ corridor and hub textures, provided the textures desired.
  • Camden: blogged Space Rigger activity at

To do: 

  • Paradox: contact Machinamatographers groups and other SL groups that may be interested in producing a machinama movie on Space Rigger’s activity. (Possible contact – Thinkerer Melville?)
  • Camden: finish meeting table
  • Camden: finish texturing HQ room
    Main 6
  • Camden: create ‘floating text’ information display
  • Ariel: finish work on upper meeting room windows
  • Ariel: finish work on stocking the canal with wildlife
  • Rocket: design informal/relaxed office space atop balcony or Space Rigger’s room, Main 4.
  • Camden: Provide tp/spiral staircase to balcony of Main 4
  • Volunteer (?): create CoLab HQ visitor badge.
  • Ariel: create notecard on setting object/script permissions. This is to go into a ‘Welcome pack’ for new organisations. (done – taken from SL Knowledge Base)
  • Volunteer: create ‘Welcome Pack’ for new NGO’s (for more info on the idea of the Welcome Pack talk to Ariel?)


  • Meeting room window tint can be changed to better fit with room style and on request of NGO (inside face only so as not to spoil HQ appearance from outside).
  • Layout room Main 6 of HQ (only) as a design tmplate for NGO’s. Space Riggers room, Main 4, will remain for a few weeks after the deadline as a display of the collection of Rigger ‘Toolbox’ items. All other rooms are to remain empty/as they are & become textured and filled as per request.
  • Sugesstion of SL machinama movie on Space Riggers to increase Rigger visibility. Paradox to work on contacting capably parties to help produce.
  • ‘Welcome Pack’ for new NGO’s