YN_SL_poster designed by KL

Come and celebrate Yuri’s Night with the first ever Yuri’s Night party held in Second Life!

“Let’s Go!” These were the words spoken by Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin as he embarked on the historic first manned space flight on 12 April 1961. Twenty years later on 12 April 1981, the US launched the first space shuttle flight. We think that’s something worth celebrating – so we do!

Every year on April 12th Yuri’s Night is celebrated all around the world – last year there were over 90 events or parties held in over 30 countries worldwide – and 2007 looks set to be even bigger.

The range of events is as diverse as the people who hold them – even the residents of the International Space Station have been known to join in the fun! Whether in someone’s living room, a swinging nightclub or a world-class science museum, Yuri’s Night events all have one thing in common – people who are excited about space exploration and who want to join together to celebrate it.”(Yuri’s Night website: http://www.yurisnight.net/2006/index.php)

To keep up to date with information on ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life’ check back here, also, join the ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’ group in Second Life. If you would like to be involved in the development of the party help to staff the 24 hour event, please contact either Camden Mitchell or Paradox Olbers.

The developments so far & ‘YN in SL’ meeting notes:

Vision for YN in SL 

  • Platform above intersection of the 4 islands (colab, ISM, jpl, uni of
  • Live video feeds of RL parties + rl talks
  • Anousheh’s talk piped into SL
  • Differently themed dancing platforms to distribute server load
  • VIP cameo appearances
  • Welcome art installations
  • Theme of “exploring new worlds”? (and the philosophical question of what is exploration, and similarities between ‘digital’ and ‘physical’ exploration?)

Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes7th February, 20071pm PST

Camden Mitchell,
Troy Mcluhan, Dragonfire Kelly, MonaLisa Sterling

Agenda items: 1) Concordance of meeting day. 2) Status so far. 3) Outstanding requirements

 1) Concordance of meeting day. 

  • It was decided that the next meeting will be held on a Tuesday (Tuesday 13th February) as members present in today’s meeting are available either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Holding the meeting on a Tuesday may enable other volunteers to attend and contribute to the meeting.

2) Status/Updates of YN in SL as of the 7th February 

  • DFK obtained the YN logo, and with which made some YN t-shirts
  • Karne Soleil designed the YN in SL poster.
  • The SL party has been added to the yurisnight.net website.
  • A ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’ group has been created so that SL residents can join to get updates on the YN in SL party. Also, people can express their interest in helping to ‘staff’ the event through all 24 hours (+ april 13th for NASA Ames party).
  • Paradox has asked Jimbo Perhaps if he would set up his rockets and launch them during the YN in SL party, to which he has agreed 🙂
  • MonaLisa has agreed to provide music with her radio station DragnWings (http://sc3.spacialnet.com:13742/) 🙂 MonaLisa will be working with DFK to sort out audio/music for the event.

DragnWings Calling Card

  • ISM has agreed to YN in SL platform being above a corner of their sim (above the office docks).

To do 

  • Troy: create a category on spacecolab.org for ‘YN in SL’ to be blogged there. (done)
  • DFK/Troy/MonaLisa: Flesh out the technical requirements for streaming into SL and/or via DragnWings. Once these have been worked out the details can be passed on to interested rl parties. (Basically: A YN party somewhere has a mic connected to a computer… That computer is a Windows machine running SAM and connected to the ‘net. SAM sends their feed to MonaLisa’s streaming server… which multiplexes it to multiple listeners (via the ‘net)).
  • MonaLisa: Continue to promote YN in SL on DragnWings
  • DFK: Contact Drew Frobozz about getting help to advertise YN in SL at the NCI, Help Island, and other places in SL.
  • DFK: Contact Jet Burns of JPL island to check they agree to having YN platform above a corner of their island.
  • DFK & Camden: Work on DFK’s idea for YN clothing line e.g. buttons, tattoos, floating text, other clothing with YN logos.
  • Camden: Set up url link to YN website & spacecolab.org within YN SL poster display and/or YN t-shirt dispenser.
  • Camden/Paradox: Set up poster and t-shirt dispenser in CoLab HQ
  • Camden: Blog at spacecolab.org
  • Camden(?): Design ‘volunteer’ sign for people to help staff YN in SL. Will need a timetable of hours & roles.

3) Outstanding requirements 

  • As previous weeks meeting (2nd February)
  • Promotion (blogs, yurisnight.net, secondlife.com, SL tshirts, poster, etc.)
  • Someone to coordinate the quicktime streaming
  • Platform(s) built or demo-ed, ideas generated
  • People to ‘staff’ the event through all 24 hours (+ april 13th for NASA Ames party!)