Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes13th February, 2007 1pm PSTPresent:
Camden Mitchell,
Troy McLuhan, Rocket Sellers, Karne Soleil, MonaLisa Sterling 

Agenda Items: 

1) Advertisement 2) YN in SL staff/roles/hours 3) Tech. requirements (DFK & MLS) 

Updates (as of 13th February): 

  • Camden: created recruitment volunteer poster which hands out a notecard & link to the official Yuri’s Night website http://www.yurisnight.net/2007/
  • Camden: positioned YN in SL recruitment poster in CoLab HQ hub, along with DFK’s YN in SL t-shirt dispenser.
  • Paradox: positioned YN in SL party advertisement poster (created by Karne Soleil) in CoLab HQ hub.
  • MonaLisa: YN in SL advertisements going out every hour on DragnWings radio station
  • Camden: began ‘YN in SL’ blogging at http://www.spacecolab.org/

To Do: 

  • Camden: edit the posters to give out DragnWings calling cards to help advertise DragnWings
  • Troy/Rocket/ML: collaborate on putting dance animations together
  • Camden & Rocket: work on demo of YN in SL event structure.
  • All: browse YN website for rl parties that have events/talks that would be great to have streamed live into SL. Collate the information & details to present at future meetings where upon the ‘invitation’ can be actioned (this will avoid ‘solo’ endeavours being repeated to same rl parties).
  • All: build/resource YN clock that covers different timezones and will therefore help in organising the rl streams into SL, and also what staff hours are needed.
  • Increase the YN in SL party to a 48 hour event to take into consideration different timezones and party dates?
  • Camden: edit recruitment posters so that the handout provides a step-by-step guide on how to join the ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’ group. This will be beneficial to new avatars, also, a visual guide will help aid international avtars whose first language isn’t English.
  • Troy: display YN in SL posters at ISM, and the Science
  • Contact list of SL groups for advertising/promoting YN in SL party: Karne – contact sl architecture groups. Camden/Rocket – contact sci-fi related groups. MonaLisa – contact music related groups? Rocket – contact SL clubs.

Outstanding (pressing): 

  • ML & DFK to have ‘techie’ meeting so that technical requirements for streaming rl events into SL can be outlined with ease when contacting/being contacted by rl interested parties.
  • DFK: Contact Drew Frobozz about getting help to advertise YN in SL at the NCI, Help Island, and other places in SL.
  • DFK: Contact Jet Burns of JPL island to check they agree to having YN platform above a corner of their island.

Ideas (Technical): 

  • Karne suggested categories of groups to promote YN in SL to would be: science, space, astronomy, digital arts, technology, intercultural/digital immersions, music, and clubs. Also, to reach out to people outside of the space/science realm to get them more excited about this genre, and encourage them to participate.
  • Los Angeles YN rl party is looking to have the Griffith Observatory & Boeing volunteers explain & give talks on space. Look to see if they will be willing to do that at the rl event as well as simultaneously being streamed into SL.
  • Karne & DFK have an idea in the pipeline to design a t-shirt for the YN in SL party that will translate to a rl YN in SL t-shirt only if you attend the YN in SL party. People can go to a web portal to purchase the same t-shirt in rl to enhance the YN in SL party experience.
  • Provide a guide on how to join the ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’ group so that new avatars know how to join & therefore keep abreast of YN in SL developments and staff calls.

Ideas (Staff): 

  • Greeters at the tp arrival point.
  • People to hand out ‘YN in SL Goodie Bags’.
  • Different helpers on each platform positioned above the 4 intersecting islands that can act as representatives to their prospective platforms, as well as provide general help.
  • Staff will be required during the event, but recruitment for staff and involvement with Yuri’s Night planning is to take place during the run up to the event to make sure they are well prepared.

Ideas (Entertainment): 

  • Goodie bags. To include – moonwalk animation from ML, poster, t-shirt, Karne’s YN SL/rl t-shirt, DragnWings calling card, links to spacecolab.org, YN official website, DragnWings website,
  • Provide dancing animations on the dance platforms, as well as a STOP all animations object.
  • Other forms of YN in SL party clothing, e.g. branded trousers, tattoos, flip titles.