Space Riggers Update Status & Meeting Minutes:

16th February

Present: Camden Mitchell, Paradox Olbers, Prng Flagstaff, Ariel Miranda, Charles Berlin


  • Elliott/Paradox: repositioned the skypods
  • Elliott/Paradox: emptied half the skypods on each level to allow for a quick change in internal furnishings if needed
  • DaVinci: textured CoLab HQ. Blue corridor carpet, concrete corridor walls, ‘geographic rock’ texture hub floor
  • Paradox: contacted Machinamatographers groups and other SL groups, awaiting feedback. (Possible contact – Thinkerer Melville?)
  • Camden: created and displayed ‘hover text’ dispkay boards outside Sapce Riggers room 4. It provides a hover text object & information on how to edit the text.
  • Ariel: create notecard on setting object/script permissions. This is to go into a ‘Welcome pack’ for new organisations. (done – taken from SL Knowledge Base)
  • Camden: set up an example presentation screen in Main 6 with the ISM presentation screen script donated by Troy McLuhan
  • Camden: organised the Space Riggers room (Main-4) into item groupings (e.g. chairs, tables, etc) so that the room is more recognisable as the collection of items provided as the Space Rigger’s Toolbox. Also displayed informal office area on blacony area to show one example of how the extra space can be utilised
  • Camden: cleared unoccupied HQ rooms so HQ has a tidy presentation for opening week, installed Space Rigger banners featuring hover text ‘Room Available for Outfitting’ in each room and ‘Meeting Pods Available for Outfitting’ in each meeting pod
  • Elliot: replaced the ‘dozing’ poses in the Skypod meeting chairs with a more suitable pose, although the pose is for ‘armchair’ style chairs and is still temporary
  • Elliot/Paradox: positioned tp discs in HQ hub to the first floor of the Skypods, and tp’s on each level of Skypod

To do: 

  • Camden: finish texturing HQ room
    Main 6
  • DaVinci: fill the spaces between HQ corridors & hub with fountains etc
  • Paradox: talk to DaVinci & The Magicians about displaying a sign at the entrance to HQ
  • Farquhar(?): provide aerial map of HQ including (or separate?) the Skypods at the entrance to HQ, incorporating tp buttons to each location.
  • Volunteer: provide tp buttons outside each meeting room to tp to the entrance/exit of HQ
  • Farquhar(?): provide tps to CoLab Projects. Perhaps list each project with an accompanying notecard written by a group member?
  • Farquahr(?): Provide ‘occupants’ list at entrance to HQ of rooms/skypods that are occupied and by who
  • Camden: add technology (presentation screens) function script to table button
  • Ariel: finish work on upper meeting room windows
  • Ariel: finish work on stocking the canal with wildlife
  • Camden: Provide tp/spiral staircase to balcony of Main 4
  • Camden: fix CoLab t-shirt dispenser
  • Volunteer (?): create CoLab HQ visitor badge
  • All Space Riggers: contribute to ‘Welcome Pack’ for new NGO’s (see ‘ideas’ section for elements)
  • Camden: create separate blog on Space Riggers volunteers on hand to help NGO orientation/outfitting requests by appointment. Currently consists of Ariel & Prng on PST time, Paradox on EST (+3hours PST),
    Camden on GMT (+8hours PST)
  • Paradox/Charles: provide Online Indicator open source script to Space Riggers, the version currently at HQ entrance with the ability to leave a message to any Space Rigger
  • Paradox/Prng: work together to provide numbers for each meting pod. System to be based on hotelier system SP 101-104, SP 201-204, SP 301-304 (where SP is SkyPod, hundreds (e.g. 100, 200, 300) is the floor, and units is the pod number. Number texture/format to match HQ numbers
  • Paradox: extend Space Rigger group membership to Elliott again so that perms for skypods can be set

Space Rigger members NGO outreach list: 

  • Ariel/Prng/Rocket: NSS
  • Ariel/Prng: Moon Society
  • Camden: The Mars Society
    U.K. / Euro-MARS Project
  • Paradox: Spacefest


  • ‘Space Rigger Cadets’. Create either a group or role within existing group to train up new volunteer Space Riggers. Training will ensure that future Riggers can meet the demands of organisations coming into CoLab HQ. These roles will mainly include: texturing, positioning furniture, editing scripts, understanding the requests and providing options to organisations.
  • ‘Welcome Pack’ for new NGO’s (see below)
  • Meeting room window tint can be changed to better fit with room style and on request of NGO (inside face only so as not to spoil HQ appearance from outside)
  • Layout room Main 6 of HQ (only) as a design tmplate for NGO’s. Space Riggers room, Main 4, will remain for a few weeks after the deadline as a display of the collection of Rigger ‘Toolbox’ items. All other rooms are to remain empty/as they are & become textured and filled as per request.

Welcome Pack Brainstorm:

‘Welcome Pack’ for new NGO’s. To include:

1)      List of volunteer Space Riggers who are willing to be booked to appointments by NGO’s wanting to discuss outrigging a HQ meeting room/skypod

2)      Information on what the Space Riggers are/do

3)      Information on the Space Rigger’s toolbox & Main 4

4)      Area map and tp’s (to CoLab Projects, mountains etc)

5)      Information on how to use the presentation screens6)      Kat’s newbie landmarks (Ariel currently doing)

7)      Information on CoLab Projects

8 )      weblink to

9)      Troy’s Science Spots List

10)  Help Contact for problems with griefers, litterers etc11)   Room/skypod availability

12)   Current events at ISM & CoLab

13)   Well chosen freebie clothing and tp’s to suitable stores (e.g. suits for NASA reps, CoLab t-shirts)

14)   SL Groups List (science/scripting/building related)

15)   Ariel’s permissions notecard (taken from SL wiki)