Yuri's Night 2007 banner

Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes20th February, 2007

Present: Camden Mitchell, Jet Burns, Paradox Olbers, Troy McLuhan, Rocket Sellers. 

Agenda Items: 1) Updates in general 

Updates (as of 20th February):

  • Troy: displayed YN in SL posters at ISM, and the Science Center.
  • Paradox: announced Cypress Rosewood has volunteered to play live at Yuri’s Night in Second Life party.
  • Karne: contacted a SL architect group about advertising YN, awaiting feedback.
  • Quantum Clipper: sits on the board of YN in rl and has extended his help.

Outstanding/To Do:

  • Paradox(?): create a statement similar to the wording used by ISM to discourage R-rated behaviour at the event.
  • Camden: edit the posters to give out DragnWings calling cards to help advertise DragnWings
  • Troy/Rocket/ML: collaborate on putting dance animations together
  • All: build/resource YN clock that covers different timezones and will therefore help in organising the rl streams into SL, and also what staff hours are needed.
  • Camden: edit recruitment posters so that the handout provides a step-by-step guide on how to join the ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’ group. This will be beneficial to new avatars, also, a visual guide will help aid international avatars whose first language isn’t English.
  • Contact list of SL groups for advertising/promoting YN in SL party: Karne – contact sl architecture groups. Camden/Rocket – contact sci-fi related groups. MonaLisa – contact music related groups? Rocket – contact SL clubs.
  • LA party participation?

In Progress:

  • ML & DFK to have ‘techie’ meeting so that technical requirements for streaming rl events into SL can be outlined with ease when contacting/being contacted by rl interested parties.
  • Troy/Rocket/ML: collaborate on putting dance animations together
  • Camden & Rocket: work on demo of YN in SL event structure.

Ideas (Technical):

  • Owners of each sim, need to parcel off the area of the respective dance floor in order to feed the audio streams. Else, there could be a different mix of music for each quarter?
  • Have a statement similar to the wording used by ISM to discourage R-rated behaviour at the event.
  • Paradox: offered Spindrift isle for an overflow/quieter party site for Yuri’s Night in Second Life. “1) Spindrift plans to host the overflow of rocket/probe models from the 4-Coners celebration. 2) Jimbo’s Russian rockets & he will launch some of his other non-firework rockets. *Other ISM/CoLab builders’ models 2) A tour of Cypress’s Space Music Museum. Jimbo Perhaps has a two-week exhibit of everything by him we can fit on Spindrift. Starts one week before Yuri’s. This may kick off an art and sculptor series of exhibits”.
  • Yuri’s Night in Second Life ‘thank-you’ sign to each host sim.
  • Karne & DFK have an idea in the pipeline to design a t-shirt for the YN in SL party that will translate to a rl YN in SL t-shirt only if you attend the YN in SL party. People can go to a web portal to purchase the same t-shirt in rl to enhance the YN in SL party experience.
  • Increase the YN in SL party to a 48 hour event to take into consideration different timezones and party dates?

Ideas (Design):

  • It is important to maintain the ONE PARTY feel, and yet work on areas for more laid back ‘partying’, different themes and perhaps music. For instance, clubs in rl often have several dance floors now.
  • Four separate tp’s (one for each island) could help ease arrival congestion for the party. It would also serve as a work around if any particular sim were to become full. Tp’s to be incorporated in poster handout.
  • Maybe a central platform with bridges/rocket rides off to four other nearby platforms (one over each sim)? Multiple platforms break up load re: draw loading. Rides, bridges & tps – should help shuffling of avatars as well as bringing more interactivity to the event. NOTE: Private sims can hold 100 avatars, in principle. Estate managers can set the max lower.
  • Although the Yuri’s Night in Second Life party is not about island promotion, Yuri’s Night is about public outreach, and interesting people in space related items. It may be a good opportunity to provide some information about the host sims, especially for people that have not visited before.

Ideas (Staff):

  • Staff will be required during the event, but recruitment for staff and involvement with Yuri’s Night planning is to take place during the run up to the event to make sure they are well prepared.
  • Greeters at the tp arrival point.
  • People to hand out ‘YN in SL Goodie Bags’.
  • Different helpers positioned throughout the event.

Ideas (Entertainment):

  • Goodie bags. To include – moonwalk animation from ML, poster, t-shirt, Karne’s YN SL/rl t-shirt, DragnWings calling card, links to spacecolab.org, YN official website, DragnWings website.
  • Provide dancing animations on the dance platforms, as well as a STOP all animations object.
  • Other forms of YN in SL party clothing, e.g. branded trousers, tattoos, flip titles.