Space Riggers Update Status & Meeting Minutes: 23rd February

Present: Camden Mitchell, Paradox Olbers, Jet Burns, Prng Flagstaff, Silvershadow Kleene, Ariel Miranda


  • Ariel: stocked canal with aquatic wildlife
  • Paradox: displayed ‘The Magicians’ sign at the entrance to HQ, and ‘Space Riggers’ sign.
  • Prng: provided Meeting SkyPod numbers following a hotel-style numbering system SP101-SP104 etc (where SP refers to SkyPod, the hundreds digit refers to level, and the units digit the meeting pod number). The top and bottom walkway numbers are different, i.e., in different locations, invisible from the “wrong” direction.
  • Camden: re-provided CoLab t-shirt dispenser at entrance to HQ.
  • Camden: textured the walls of Main 7, the JPL room, and
    Main 8, the room reserved for JPL’s Global Warming Display.
  • Camden: did 3 prim overlays in HQ hub, applied same floor texture (rock-geographic) but also tinted the colour to correspond to Prng’s hub entrance signs. This was due to feedback earlier in the week that HQ can be disorientating.
  • Ariel: provided ‘CoLab’ and ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life’ branded coffee cups
  • Camden: invited Elliott into Space Riggers group (again due to failure of invite during SL grid storms) to be able to set skypods to Space Riggers group for editing.


·         Farquhar Freeloader: “Regrettably, it’s looking increasingly likely I won’t be able to devote much time to CoLab or even SL for the foreseeable future.”

·         Generous ‘move’ by Space Rigger team to “offer their assistance if needed to the YN event management”

HQ Main 3 –‘ Astrophysical Sciences/GSFC’.

  • Silvershadow Kleene is a liaison between SL and E/PO team.( Education / Public Outreach project)
  • ASD is all about multi-wavelength astronomy.
  • Purpose: to establish a “footprint” in SL specifically for the Suzaku X-ray telescope. Although; this is all estensible to all of ASD, which includes GLAST, Integral, and other more popular missions.
  • Paint a vision for Education and Public Outreach at Goddard
  • Room 3 serves as step 1 or 2 to increase traction and enthusiasm to get those who write grants to get to work.

Design Ideas fro HQ Main 3:

  • The entrance area could either be full of general, introductory materials and displays, or highlight a particular mission every 3 months or so, starting with Suzaku.
  • The room itself should highlight the areas of the invisible spectrum with some type of gradient around the top of the room showing each – radio, microwave, IR, visible (minimally), UV, x-ray, gamma ray.
  • linear like a timeline, but stacked, with wavelengths, frequencies, etc
  • gamma ray photons bouncing off the walls
  • dynamic web pages as opposed to static
  • the “Imagine the Universe” site has some interesting graphics
  • astrophysics amusement park, where a person can climb in a ball and BE a photon of their choosing. a café, (for example: visit NOAA’s Meteroa)

To do: 

  • Camden: finish texturing HQ room
    Main 6
    (once permissions on room have been re-set).
  • DaVinci: fill the spaces between HQ corridors & hub with fountains etc
  • Volunteer(?): provide aerial map of HQ including (or separate?) the Skypods at the entrance to HQ, incorporating tp buttons to each location.
  • Volunteer: provide tp buttons outside each meeting room to tp to the entrance/exit of HQ
  • Volunteer(?): provide tps to CoLab Projects. Perhaps list each project with an accompanying notecard written by a group member?
  • Volunteer(?): Provide ‘occupants’ list at entrance to HQ of rooms/skypods that are occupied and by who
  • Volunteer(?): add coffee table to HQ to dispense CoLab, & Yuri’s Night in SL coffee mugs
  • Camden: add technology (presentation screens) function script to table button
  • Ariel: finish work on upper meeting room windows
  • Camden: Provide tp/spiral staircase to balcony of Main 4
  • Volunteer (?): create CoLab HQ visitor badge
  • All Space Riggers: contribute to ‘Welcome Pack’ for new NGO’s (see ‘ideas’ section for elements)
  • Camden: create separate blog on Space Riggers volunteers on hand to help NGO orientation/outfitting requests by appointment. Currently consists of Ariel & Prng on PST time, Paradox on EST (+3hours PST), Camden on GMT (+8hours PST)
  • Paradox/Charles: provide Online Indicator open source script to Space Riggers, the version currently at HQ entrance with the ability to leave a message to any Space Rigger

Ideas:(as previous meeting minutes)