Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes 27th February, 2007

Present: Camden Mitchell, Dragonfire Kelly, Troy McLuhan, Paradox Olbers, Rocket Sellers. 

Updates (as of 27th February):

  • Cypress Rosewood: one of his groups “Spacecraft” will make their 1st SL performance for Yuri’s Night in Second Life
  • Camden Mitchell: contacted groups under the search of “scifi and “science fiction” to spread the word about Yuri’s Night in Second Life and provided a poster to help with advertising.
  • Camden Mitchell: contacted group leader of The Future to talk about a possible ‘art/sculpture showcase’ for Yuri’s Night.
  • Camden: Mitchell: contacted designers from http://www.ivillagegno.com/2007/01/fashion_extravaganza_during_th.php to participate in a Yuri’s Night in SL “Space Fashion” showcase.
  • Ariel Miranda:  has provided Yuri’s Night in Second Life branded coffee mugs. These can go in our ‘goodie-bag’
  • Camden Mitchell: created a YN in SL collection ‘goodie-box’ where items can be collated (e.g. dances, coffee mugs etc) for the YN ‘goodie-bag’ and event in general.
  • MonaLisa Sterling: provided dance ball which has a user friendly ‘touch to start, touch to stop’ functionality. This can be one of the many dance items we can provide.
  • Rocket Sellers: donated dances to the collection box, also dance bracelets
  • Camden Mitchell: contacted http://www.worldtimezone.com for the image of their world time zone map to help with scheduling YN and staffing.

Outstanding/To Do:

  • post Yuri’s Night in Second Life event on the SL Events List at secondlife.com/events
  • as last week (20th February)

In Progress:

  • Demo’s being produced of possible Yuri’s Night in Second Life venue designs, and ideas being generated from them
  • Work on producing a schedule of events and timetabling. Define whether the even will be held over 24 or 48 hour based on what rl events we have streaming in.
  • Same items as last week (20th February)

Ideas (Technical):

  • same as last week (20th February)
  • two video submissions. 1. http://www.postcardsfromthefuture.net/ (check it out, it has a trailer), and 2. a documentary called “What’s Going on UP There?” featuring several Bay Area luminaries incorporating their views on the future of space exploration and the many ways humanity may benefit from our continued and varied endeavours.

Ideas (Design):

  • “Art/Sculpture”: The idea behind having an art showcase at Yuri’s Night party in Second Life is that there’s a lot of science behind big art installations, and also just to bridge the “gap” between art and science, and art and space.
  • “Space Fashion”: At a Yuri’s Night party in
    L.A. a ‘space fashion’ show was held. Fashion is part of the arts, and as SL has many designers it would be a great opportunity to showcase their skills, as well as adding to the integration of arts with science and space. Outfits created can also be available for purchase.


Ideas (Staff):

  • Staff will be required during the event, but recruitment for staff and involvement with Yuri’s Night planning is to take place during the run up to the event to make sure they are well prepared.
  • Greeters at the tp arrival point.
  • People to hand out ‘YN in SL Goodie Bags’.
  • Different helpers positioned throughout the event.

Ideas (Entertainment):

  • same as last week (20th February)
  • work on grouping donated dance animations into similar dances (e.g. slow, head banging) and organise them into files or objects for guests, making them easier to utilise, especially for new avatars