Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes

6th March, 2007

Present: Camden Mitchell, Jet Burns, Lora Chadbourne, Troy McLuhan, Paradox Olbers, Rocket Sellers, Karne Soleil, Emileigh Starbrook, MonaLisa Sterling 

Updates (as of 6th February):

  • Camden Mitchell: cAllie cLine has come on board to produce a ‘Space Fashion’ showcase.
  • Camden Mitchell: updated the YN in SL poster board note card to include landmarks to the YN venue ideas platform, aside links to the host islands, a list of events, the step-by-step guide on how to join a group in SL (picture format included), and DragnWings calling card.
  • Cypress Rosewood: lining up more performers for the YN in SL event. Also working on the schedule for the performances.
  • Cypress Rosewood: to provide PR materials for SPACECRAFT, to include posters, handbills, notecards, press release etc
  • Emileigh Starbrook: volunteered to be a member of the YN in SL ‘Greeter’ team
  • Opal Lei: volunteered to be a member of the YN in SL ‘Promotions’ team
  • MonaLisa Sterling: contacted Kim Seifert, a country music performer in SL, awaiting feedback.
  • Camden Mitchell: WorldTimeZone (http://www.worldtimezone.com) have agreed to provide the image of their world time zone map as long as credit and reference is given.
  • Troy McLuhan: created a new venue design.

Outstanding/To Do:

  • Troy: contact artist friends about space related art showcase
  • Rocket: contact artists of Hobo
  • Camden: contact Baba Bu who is currently doing ‘light’ displays at Splo
  • Karne: produce a blurb on Art for YN in SL
  • Draft a schedule for YN (awaiting tech details and rl confirmation of events before this can be done. Cypress Rosewood working on performance schedule)
  • post Yuri’s Night in Second Life event on the SL Events List at secondlife.com/events
  • Rocket/Emileigh: contact D.Js who specialise in trance/techno/electric to provide music of that genre. The prerequisite is to incorporate space related music into the mix to keep with the theme of YN being space relates, rather than just a general SL party.

In Progress:

  • Same items as previous (20th February)

Ideas (Technical):

  • have a static webpage of the events being held at YN in SL which can be easily updated. Also, a central SL-based note card-giver such as that used by SLED which updates all note cards, rather than having to keep giving out new poster boards
  • two video submissions. 1. http://www.postcardsfromthefuture.net/ (check it out, it has a trailer), and 2. a documentary called “What’s Going on UP There?” featuring several Bay Area luminaries incorporating their views on the future of space exploration and the many ways humanity may benefit from our continued and varied endeavours.
  • same items as (20th February)

Ideas (Design):

  • Promotion stalls in the pods or tp arrival point for the YN SL to RL t-shirt, and SPACECRAFT promotional material.
  • Troy McLuhan: designed an improved model venue for YN. The design is much better suited for live acts to perform on (with the stage) especially since this section of YN planning has become a major factor of the event since the initial design. It contributes to the ONE PARTY feel with the large circular design, whilst still providing off-shoot pods where other events can be taking place (i.e. stalls, alternative music, arts).

Ideas (Entertainment):

  •  ‘Have your SL photo taken with Yuri!’ (Karne)