Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes 20th March, 2007

Present: Camden Mitchell, Jet Burns, Hellblazer55 Dagger, Paula Dix, DragonFire Kelly,
Troy McLuhan, Paradox Olbers, Rocket Sellers, Karne Soleil, Emileigh Starbrook 

Updates (as of 20th March):

  • Eloise Pasteur: Eloise Pasteur created and provided a server script for the Yuri’s Night in Second Life poster boards. All notecards issued from poster boards will have the most up to date notecard, which is controlled from a master notecard. New poster board sent out in a group notice.
  • Hellblazer55: generously offered to provide hosting/streaming for RL events that want to stream in to the YN in SL party. Currently orking on server load tests, server updates, security updates.
  • Paradox Olbers: acting as a point of contact & SL liaison for Cypress Rosewood whilst there are connection/rl/travel commitments
  • Dragonfire Kelly: submitted a press release about the YN in SL event to the official yurisnight.net site  http://www.yurisnight.net/2007/pageNews.php?p=http://www.yurisnight.net/news/2007/03/yuris-night-on-2-planets.xml
  • Troy McLuhan: created static page https://spacecolab.wordpress.com/yuris-night/ and posted event information.
  • Troy McLuhan: worked with Science School and Nanotechnology to enable YN in SL event to take place above their island corners. YN venue will now be held over the corners of ISM, Spaceport Bravo, Science School, and Nanotechnology.
  • Karne Soleil: provided YN Space Art notecard which has been incorporated into the YN poster board notecard.
  • Karne Soleil: contact a rl artist who has submitted a portrait of Yuri Gagarin.
  • Rocket Sellers: arranged with Don Davis to exhibit some public domain and copyrighted space art work at the YN in SL event.
  • Troy McLuhan: confirmed space art work by Jenika Connolly
  • Karne Soleil/Dragonfire Kelly: suggested the idea of a Yuri Gagarin avatar for the event. DFK provided a blurb.
  • Camden Mitchell: posted the Yuri Gagarin avatar blurb to ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life’, ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’, and ‘Space CoLab’.
  • Camden Mitchell: posted volunteer staff request to ‘Yuri’s Night in Second Life Happenings’.
  • Ferd Frederix: offered his help to YN in SL.
  • Paula Dix: volunteered to help staff Yuri’s Night.
  • Robzzombie Allen: volunteered to be a member of the YN in SL ‘Greeter’ team
  • Kae Zenovka: Volunteered to host a Space Trivia event for YN in SL.
  • Performers update: Kim Seifert, and Lacy217 McLuhan’s pipe band and drum corp. confirmed as performing for Yuri’s Night. Both have been referred to Cypress Rosewood for scheduling.
  • Camden Mitchell: positioned the YN in SL platform structure above CoLab Testbed as per the agreement in the meeting held 13th March. Also set out a poster encouraging public participation in building the off shoot platforms.
  • Camden Mitchell: contacted Ameshin Yossarian on the recommendation of Bianca Darling, from ~ASpirRE! Modeling Agency~ regarding SL “Space Fashion”.  Ameshin Yossarian is the designer of curious kitties and makes futuristic designs. Awaiting feedback.
  • Camden Mitchell: contacted NCI for advertisement of YN in SL, provided poster board.

To Do/ Outstanding:

  • DFK/Hellblazer55: work together to produce a ‘how to’ guide on streaming in to SL
  • DFK: confirmed video submissions
  • Emileigh Starbrook: contact the Arts Council of SL to get them to pitch their members about space art for YN in SL.
  • Paula Dix: contacting StarFleet members involved in art, and also about creating the Yuri Gagarin avatar.
  • Rocket Sellers: to obtain movie of space fashion from
    Japan, also pictures of work, and perhaps even clothing. http://youtube.com/watch?v=HLiuVkmSaGE
  • Rocket: contact artists of Hobo
  • Camden: contact Baba Bu who is currently doing ‘light’ displays at Splo
  • Draft a schedule for YN (Cypress Rosewood working on performance schedule)
  • post Yuri’s Night in Second Life event on the SL Events List at secondlife.com/events
  • Rocket/Emileigh: contact D.Js who specialise in trance/techno/electric to provide music of that genre. The prerequisite is to incorporate space related music into the mix to keep with the theme of YN being space relates, rather than just a general SL party.

In Progress:

  • Cypress Rosewood: working on performance schedule.
  • cAllie cLine: also working on jewellery for the SL “Space Fashion” showcase.
  • Rocket Sellers: working on a slideshow of builders in the space neighbourhood

Ideas (Technical):

  • two video submissions. 1. http://www.postcardsfromthefuture.net/ (check it out, it has a trailer), and 2. a documentary called “What’s Going on UP There?” featuring several Bay Area luminaries incorporating their views on the future of space exploration and the many ways humanity may benefit from our continued and varied endeavours.

Ideas (Entertainment):

·         ‘Have your SL photo taken with Yuri!’ ·         Kae Zenovka – space trivia event