Yuri’s Night in Second Life Meeting Minutes 29th March, 2007

Camden Mitchell, Oliva Delvecchio, Jet Burns, Lacy217 McLuhan, Troy McLuhan, Paradox Olbers, cypress Rosewood, Rocket Sellers, Karne Soleil, Emileigh Starbrook, 

Updates (as of 29th March):

·        Paula Dix: working with SFSLQ (Starfleet Second Life Quadrant) Medical team on the Yuri Gagarin avatar.

·  Cypress Rosewood: organised the music schedule. It can be found on the spacecolab static page https://spacecolab.wordpress.com/yuris-night/

·  Cypress Rosewood: produced a music poster which will be going on display at the Yuri’s Night venue.

·   The Yuri’s Night venue construction is coming along well. Another art platform has been added (now 3) due to the latest influx of rl artwork and the SL sculptures.

·   Oliva Delvecchio: come on board the Yuri’s Night team Has helped tremendously with building, ideas, and facilitating in-world contact to support Yuri’s Night, for example with museum curators who have space related art work.

·  Oliva Delvecchio: posted to the SL message board a call for models and SL designers to participate in the Space Fashion element of Yuri’s Night.

·  Tayzia Abattoir: contacted the artists of space related work she has in her museum to inform them of Yuri’s Night and ask permission to showcase their work.

·   Emileigh Starbrook: contacted the arts Council of SL, awaiting reply

·   Camden: contacted Baba Bu who is currently doing ‘light’ displays at Splo, awaiting reply.  To Do/ Outstanding:

·   DFK/Hellblazer55: work together to produce a ‘how to’ guide on streaming in to SL

·   DFK: confirmed video submissions

·   post Yuri’s Night in Second Life event on the SL Events List at secondlife.com/events

·  Rocket/Emileigh: contact D.Js who specialise in trance/techno/electric to provide music of that genre. The prerequisite is to incorporate space related music into the mix to keep with the theme of YN being space relates, rather than just a general SL party.

In Progress:

·        Rocket Sellers: working on a slideshow of builders in the space neighbourhood  Ideas (Technical): ·        (same as previous) 

Ideas (Entertainment):

·        Space Fashion open to all SL designers and models