We’re members of the CoLab community, a group of volunteers working informally with NASA on the NASA CoLab project in Second Life, and we launched this blog to help spread the word about the project, and to help us organize ourselves. This is not a NASA website and content here has not been approved by NASA.

CoLab offers open collaborative spaces that are intended to catalyze interactions among scientists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the space community. This blog will record meetings, plans and work on projects – helping to make space exploration a truly participatory activity.

You can visit the NASA CoLab sim (simulated place) in Second Life by clicking on this link. (Note: The “NASA CoLab” sim used to be named “Space CoLab”.)

You can join the “Space CoLab” group in Second Life by running Second Life, clicking the “Search” button near the bottom of your screen, selecting the “Groups” tab, searching for “Space CoLab”, and then once it comes up you just press the “Join” button.  Anyone can join.

The CoLab community in Second Life has a meeting every Tuesday at 1:00 PM SL Time (Pacific Time), in the NASA CoLab sim, atop the second-highest mountain.