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NASA has created a really inspiring new video about the return to the Moon.  You can watch a high-resolution QuickTime version or a low-resolution Flash version (at YouTube).


Here are links to photos taken at the Yuri’s Night Party in SL:

Plus see the slideshow of photos that I took (embedded in my last post).

Well, I’ve finally caught my breath after Yuri’s Night in Second Life. It was awesome, with a fashion show, loads of space art, space videos, and over 10 hours of live music. Below are some screenshots I took – Enjoy!


There’s a great summary website about the whole Second Life event at 

It sounds like the Yuri’s Night party at NASA Ames went really well too. NASA Watch has a nice summary.

By the way, this post is a real Web services mashup. I sent photos from SL to Snapzilla which auto-forwarded them to Flickr. sucked them into a slideshow which WordPress then sucked into this post. 🙂

Childs Writer wrote an article about Yuri’s Night over at, the Second Life News Network.  Check it out!

Eloise Pasteur wrote a nice article about Yuri’s Night over on the Second Life Insider blog.  She’s looking forward to the Scottish Pipe Band at 12:30 pm.  What are you looking forward to?  The complete schedule is posted on a static page of this website.

IMG_2809 by foxypar4 on Flickr Creative Commons

Aaron Rowe of wrote an article about the CosmosCode project.  NASA Watch noted it.  Second Life was mentioned several times, as well as the Yuri’s Night party at Ames and the one in SL.

It’s official: The sim formerly known as “Space CoLab” is now “NASA CoLab”. Interestingly, my old Space CoLab landmarks still work (in SL), but SLURLS probably won’t work anymore.

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;”

Photo Credit: International Rose Test Garden by Wildcat Dunny on Flickr Creative Commons.

MSNBC recently wrote an article on space-related activity going on in SL, including the CoLab SL project.  Check it out 🙂

Jet Burns (from CalTech’s Jet Propusion Lab) was interviewed on the live radio show When Worlds Collide this past Monday. In his interview, Jet mentioned Space CoLab and some of its projects.

The host of When Worlds Collide, Cypress Rosewood, is well-known in SL as a live performer of space music. His new weekly show When Worlds Collide is about the blurring of the lines between Second Life and the physical world. It includes music, readings, and an interview with a special guest. It’s held at 7:00 PM SL Time every Monday at Jarang (142, 71, 63) and is broadcast simultaneously in the Nashville area.

The show with Jet Burns as a special guest was recorded and can be found on the Podcast Pickle website: When Worlds Collide, with Cypress Rosewood NO. 5

When Worlds Collide

This coming Tuesday, Dr. Robert A. Knop Jr. will be visiting the Space CoLab sim.  He is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University.  Dr. Knop does research in active galaxies and interacting galaxies. He has also done supernova cosmology and was on one of the two teams that discovered the accelerating universe in 1998.   He will give a brief introduction to his work and then encourages everyone to engage in an informal chat.

Date:  Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007

Time:  8:00 PM SL Time (Pacific Time)

Location:   (The picnic area on the mountain near HQ)

Kepler's Supernova

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