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We will be working to upgrade and change this site to replace the previous website which was hosted by NASA CoLab. This site will remain an independent community lead website.

If you have any ideas about content you would like to see here please let us know.

We haven’t posted anything here since April, but that’s not because we haven’t been doing anything.  To get a sense of what’s been happening with the SL Space CoLab project, check out the links in the “NASA: Virtual CoLab” section of the Second Life wiki.

I’ve added a link in the blogroll to some super images by Philosophy_rebel on Flickr. These are tagged SpaceCoLab. Tag your images and they will appear here too.

You can now subscribe to the Space CoLab newsletter and get all news posted to this site sent to your email Inbox automatically.  To subscribe, just click on the “Newsletter” link at the top of this webpage or click this link.

At yesterday’s Space CoLab meeting, Drew pointed out that many people don’t know what feeds are or how to subscribe to them, but most people understand email newsletters: you just put your email address into a form on our website and then receive all new posts in your Inbox. I did some looking around and what do you know… there’s a free service named FeedBlitz that lets you convert a feed into an email newsletter. I’m setting it up now. This post is, in fact, partly to test the service 🙂

I’ve gotten some questions about how this blog works, so I thought I’d write a short post about those questions.

You can write a post and save it as a “draft” so it won’t appear yet; WordPress will save it so you can edit it later. Later, when you are happy with the post, you can “Publish” it. Then it will appear at the top of the posts on the main/front page (until the next person posts).

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You can select “Categories” from the sidebar when writing a post. Those will help visitors find all posts in a given category: once a post has been published with a given category, a link for that category will appear on the sidebar.

Remember that this is now a public blog. Everything you write is viewable by anyone on the web (unless their parents or company installed a filter).

Lastly, has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that is searchable. That’s probably a good place to start if you have a question.

I (Troy) have now made this blog (at public.

Now Open

If you are a member of the Space CoLab group in SL and would like to blog here, then go to, get a account, then send me your email address (e.g. by sending me an IM in SL).

You can also get to this blog by visiting

If you’d like to use the visual rich editor when you are writing your blog posts, then log in to the control panel / dashboard for, click the “Users” tab, then the “Your Profile” tab, then check the box beside “Use the visual rich editor when writing”.

Troy asked me to explain how to post images to Snapzilla and Flickr at the same time.
The gallery on the left by the way comes straight from Snapzilla now, not Flickr.

Is Snapzilla blocked by sites as well as Flickr? How prevalent is Flickr blocking? I have been using these widgets in all my blogs and did not realise they might be blocked.

Note: You can use the Flickr widget in WordPress with any RSS feed that includes images (such as Snapzilla’s).

Anyhow. Snapzilla has an RSS feed for each Avatar so its possible to bring that into the widget in wordpress – hence the featured artist widget. Snapzilla does not have an RSS feed for each Sim although when you’re on the site you can filter by Sim. So I can’t bring in an image feed from Snapzilla, but I can bring in a feed from Flickr for every image tagged ‘spacecolab’. There are only a few there right now so I didn’t bother.

Here’s how to link Snapzilla to Flickr (from Snapzilla’s site):
‘You can now easily share your SL snapshots with both Snapzilla and flickr. Registered users can enter their flickr upload email address on the new Control Panel page.
Once your email is entered, you can send new images to Snapzilla and flickr at the same time by using as the address. This will send the snapshot to both sites, including the title, description, and any tags.
Existing snapshots can also be sent easily to flickr. Just look for the special icon on the snapshot detail page to send the image to flickr. This icon will only appear if you have entered your flickr upload email address, and only on your own snapshots.’

When you send images snapped in SL – use the new email address and the special tag ‘spacecolab’.

Here’s how to add tags when you’re sending an image from SL (according to Snapzilla, haven’t yet had time to test it myself): “To tag a picture while sending it, use the field on the postcard that has your avatar name in it. Whatever you place in that field instead of your name will be used as a tag. If you want to use multiple tags, separate them with commas. Your avatar name is embedded in the postcard automatically to prevent spoofing of who the postcard came from, so Snapzilla doesn’t actually use the name in the From field – which makes it an easy way to tag.”

When we have a few images in Flickr and assuming others agree and do the same thing – all images they take and send to the flickr account will appear in a widget on this site. (as you can produce RSS feeds filtered by the tag spacecolab).

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