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Tateru Nino has written a great overview article about NASA CoLab in Second Life. The article is in the SL blog at (which covers many virtual worlds and MMORPGs). (That blog used to be called Second Life Insider but they changed the name when they moved over to the new site.)


NASA CoLab island is hosting the Second Life Virtual World’s side of this Mixed-Reality conference.

There is a NGEC2 in SL flickr group – ask me for permission to upload to it in flickr or at paradox.olbers AT  I posted 5 snaps from the Tues opening day.  [Update – I created a flickr group for everyone’s snaps – 3 people have contributed 20 pics.]

Europas_ice posted a slideset and other info at the Index of /NasaColab/Ken Davidian NGEC Supporting Docs and also gives us a great pointer to U of Wisconsin’s Fusion Tech Institute’s Resources from Space Course Notes – Spring 2004 with a note “with useful slides, especially see lecture 10 slides 21-24ish.”

Here’s the audio from Buzz Aldrin’s talk Thurs morning.  And Drew Frobozz advises: “lots of machinima video taken in SL by Haley Bailey at  Please use only with attribution to her.”

Favorable pre-event press article/blog at Troy McConaghy’s blog [he’s Troy McLuhan in SL], Science & Virtual Worlds.

NASA Ames has an intern position open for someone to help out with the SL side of the CoLab project. You can read the details at the official NASA CoLab website.

Note: They want someone who can come to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge – Visitor’s Center by David Paul Ohmer on Flickr Creative Commons

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