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MSNBC recently wrote an article on space-related activity going on in SL, including the CoLab SL project.  Check it out 🙂

NOAA’s island was unveiled at the AAAS meeting in San Francisco this weekend, and the Denver Post wrote a short article on it and other US government stuff happening in SL. It’s a little inaccurate (we dont hold meetings in an ‘auditorium’ and the planetarium is on Spaceport Alpha not CoLab) but nothing harmful, and in general its great to have press that are excited about what we’re up to.

Text of the article below….

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Jet Burns (from CalTech’s Jet Propusion Lab) was interviewed on the live radio show When Worlds Collide this past Monday. In his interview, Jet mentioned Space CoLab and some of its projects.

The host of When Worlds Collide, Cypress Rosewood, is well-known in SL as a live performer of space music. His new weekly show When Worlds Collide is about the blurring of the lines between Second Life and the physical world. It includes music, readings, and an interview with a special guest. It’s held at 7:00 PM SL Time every Monday at Jarang (142, 71, 63) and is broadcast simultaneously in the Nashville area.

The show with Jet Burns as a special guest was recorded and can be found on the Podcast Pickle website: When Worlds Collide, with Cypress Rosewood NO. 5

When Worlds Collide

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