A photo from today’s SL Space CoLab meeting:


This is how many views the NGEC2 post at NASA CoLab’s blog got during the conference.

The Next Generation Exploration Conference 2 was held from Feb 12-15th. Notice the 21-views (or hits) peak on Feb 14th? Here’s the origin of that: I took snaps of the opening remarks by Ken Davidian, posted here, put the pics on flickr, captioned them, and got a couple views over a day. Thurs I asked Caledonia Heron to make a RL [real-world] mention of the link. Ten views a day for 2 days on the ngec2 post, and a steady tail of 3 hits a day since.

This was the first year, with only twelve hours notice inworld, that the proceedings were shown in Second Life [SL] as a prototype technology demo. Here’s how this came together so quickly, with, ah, virtually no lead time: Caledonia Heron is from JSC [Johnson Space Center) Learning Technologies program, an education technology incubator. She, Cindy Bolero, and Drew Frobozz, the NASA CoLab sim manager [SL names, all!], were the RL team that made this happen, partly because SL *is* a virtual world.

Caledonia tells the tale: NGEC2 mentioned at colab tues [Feb 5th] … we started seeing email late wed, working tech issues up til mon wee hours to begin event tues at 11sl [SLT, equal to US Pacific Time].

Paradox: gaah! A hundred hours! <hat, er, helmets off!>

Cal: between us easily – probably apiece 🙂

Para: I had meant only 100 hr to go – b4 u could start work

Cal: oh, yeah didn’t seem like much lead time plus we didn’t really plan on the first trial run being an all day, 4 day event

Para: hooo-”test to destruction”!

Cal: yeah, so focused on making it work we did not gin up PR; we didn’t really have it running until late monday so there was nothing to promote!!

Para: was this regarded as a success, defined as doing SL feed next time too?

Caledonia Heron: imo, yes. It was a trial run, to see if we could do it given the time, resources (0), and technical limitations. I think the sl attendees would think it was successful – expecially die hard space fans – seeing inside the internal process at NASA.

At the next weekly CoLab meeting’s published minutes, [13:19] Drew Frobozz: and lots of machinima video taken in SL by Haley Bailey at http://video.lisarein.com/nasa/02-12-08/. Please use only with attribution to her.
Ariel Miranda added: And many thanks to Cindy and Paul for keeping the cameras rolling for long hours each day.

And all the colab workers were thanked as well.


Posting or creating a specific page for an event seems like a good way to use this blog’s fast re-edit ability and visibility. Let’s add 2 or 3 zeroes, orders of magnitude, to these numbers for NGEC3!

The full-sized screenshots, far easier to read, are in the Flickr Next Generation Exploration Conference II (NGEC2) in Second Life at NASA CoLab (Set).


NASA CoLab island is hosting the Second Life Virtual World’s side of this Mixed-Reality conference.

There is a NGEC2 in SL flickr group – ask me for permission to upload to it in flickr or at paradox.olbers AT gmail.com.  I posted 5 snaps from the Tues opening day.  [Update – I created a flickr group for everyone’s snaps – 3 people have contributed 20 pics.]

Europas_ice posted a slideset and other info at the Index of /NasaColab/Ken Davidian NGEC Supporting Docs and also gives us a great pointer to U of Wisconsin’s Fusion Tech Institute’s Resources from Space Course Notes – Spring 2004 with a note “with useful slides, especially see lecture 10 slides 21-24ish.”

Here’s the audio from Buzz Aldrin’s talk Thurs morning.  And Drew Frobozz advises: “lots of machinima video taken in SL by Haley Bailey at http://video.lisarein.com/nasa/02-12-08/.  Please use only with attribution to her.”

Favorable pre-event press article/blog at Troy McConaghy’s blog [he’s Troy McLuhan in SL], Science & Virtual Worlds.

We haven’t posted anything here since April, but that’s not because we haven’t been doing anything.  To get a sense of what’s been happening with the SL Space CoLab project, check out the links in the “NASA: Virtual CoLab” section of the Second Life wiki.

NASA Ames has an intern position open for someone to help out with the SL side of the CoLab project. You can read the details at the official NASA CoLab website.

Note: They want someone who can come to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge – Visitor’s Center by David Paul Ohmer on Flickr Creative Commons

NASA has created a really inspiring new video about the return to the Moon.  You can watch a high-resolution QuickTime version or a low-resolution Flash version (at YouTube).


Here are links to photos taken at the Yuri’s Night Party in SL:

Plus see the slideshow of photos that I took (embedded in my last post).

Well, I’ve finally caught my breath after Yuri’s Night in Second Life. It was awesome, with a fashion show, loads of space art, space videos, and over 10 hours of live music. Below are some screenshots I took – Enjoy!


There’s a great summary website about the whole Second Life event at http://mattlabs.net/yuri/ 

It sounds like the Yuri’s Night party at NASA Ames went really well too. NASA Watch has a nice summary.

By the way, this post is a real Web services mashup. I sent photos from SL to Snapzilla which auto-forwarded them to Flickr. Slide.com sucked them into a slideshow which WordPress then sucked into this post. 🙂

Childs Writer wrote an article about Yuri’s Night over at SLNN.com, the Second Life News Network.  Check it out!

Eloise Pasteur wrote a nice article about Yuri’s Night over on the Second Life Insider blog.  She’s looking forward to the Scottish Pipe Band at 12:30 pm.  What are you looking forward to?  The complete schedule is posted on a static page of this website.

IMG_2809 by foxypar4 on Flickr Creative Commons

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